Welcome to Evolution Equine Behaviour, the equine consultancy of Debbie Busby, animal behaviourist and positive reinforcement trainer.  Debbie offers advice and counselling on all aspects of equine behaviour and training.  She is a qualified behaviour consultant with a background in person-centred counselling, uniquely placed to understand how to change horses’ behaviour for the better, and how to help owners succeed with the methods she recommends.  Her aim is to help owners and horses cope with 21st century living and to enable owners to make long-term, positive behavioural changes in their horses.

Complementing her role as equine behaviourist, Debbie is also an experienced rider, trainer and facilitator, so she understands the frustrations of horses who won’t load, won’t leave the yard or can’t even be tacked up!

Debbie offers consultations, under veterinary referral, to owners who are experiencing behavioural problems with their horses.  She will talk with you about your horse’s history, management and the area you’re having problems with; after this she will explain to you why the problem is happening and what you can do to change it.  She provides advice, coaching and follow-up support, and using her force-free methods you will achieve the improvements you seek in your horse’s behaviour.

Debbie can also arrange behaviour and training related events for individuals and groups; riders and non-riders..

Debbie is committed to helping owners and equestrian professionals to achieve long term, positive behaviour changes in their horses and her methods and ethics reflect this.

Based in Cheshire, Debbie covers the North of England, North Wales and Midlands, and outside these areas she can refer clients to a suitably qualified behaviourist in their area.  Whatever your horse behaviour problem, if there’s anything your horse is doing that you’re not happy with, Debbie can help you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi, someone recommended you to me on the horse network forum. I am looking for a trainer to help me bring on my young cob gelding. He is recently backed by me, and for the first time in twenty years of riding I have used a cross under bitless bridle. Its going really well and he’s a trouble free boy but I would like to have lessons to make sure we are on the right track. Do you teach or do you help more for horses with problems? Many thanks in advance!

  2. Hi im based in Halifax n im looking for someone to help me with my 6 yr old arab I have had problems with him since day 1. He has separation issues even just being tied on the yard by himself I cant hack him or even walk him on his own. He rears bucks n bronks. He is awful at a show hes even worse I have no idea how to make him more comfortable please help

  3. Hi Debbie, was listening to Simon Mayo today & thought there’s only one Debbie Busby! Daren & I were only taking about you a few weeks ago & wondering where you were & what you were doing! How strange is that? Email me & we can catch up! X

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