Welcome to Evolution Equine Behaviour, the equine consultancy of Debbie Busby, animal behaviourist and riding coach.  I offer advice and counselling on all aspects of equine behaviour and training.  I am a qualified behaviour consultant with a background in person-centred counselling, uniquely placed to understand how to change horses’ behaviour for the better, and how to help owners succeed with the methods I recommend.  My aim is to help owners and horses cope with 21st century living and to enable owners to make long-term, positive behavioural changes in their horses.

Complementing my role as equine behaviourist, I am also an experienced rider, trainer and facilitator, so I understand the frustrations of horses who won’t load, won’t leave the yard or can’t even be tacked up!

I offer consultations, under veterinary referral, to owners who are experiencing behavioural problems with their horses.  I will talk with you about your horse’s history, management and the area you’re having problems with; after this I will explain to you why the problem is happening and what you can do to change it.  I provide advice, coaching and follow-up support, and using my kind, effective methods you will achieve the improvements you seek in your horse’s behaviour.

I have a Masters degree in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare, and a BSc (First Class honours) in Psychology.  I also offer training and Centered Riding coaching, other consultancy services such as expert witness, and supervision and mentoring for those who are starting their behaviour consultancy careers.

Please see my canine behaviour page (under Behavioural Services) for information about my canine behaviour consultations.

I can also arrange behaviour and training related events for individuals and groups; riders and non-riders.

I am committed to helping owners and equestrian professionals to achieve long term, positive behaviour changes in their horses and my methods and ethics reflect this.

Based in Cheshire, I cover the North of England, North Wales and Midlands, and outside these areas I can refer clients to a suitably qualified behaviourist in their area.  Whatever your horse behaviour problem, if there’s anything your horse is doing that you’re not happy with, I can help you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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