Welcome to Debbie Busby’s Animal Behaviour Clinics. I offer advice and consultation on all aspects of equine and canine behaviour and training.  I am a qualified, certified and registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist with a background in solution-focused counselling, uniquely placed to understand how to change animals’ behaviour for the better, and how to help you succeed with the methods I recommend.  My aim is to help you and your horse or dog cope with 21st century living and to enable you to make long-term, positive behavioural changes in your animals.

Complementing my role as an animal behaviourist, I am also an experienced rider, trainer and facilitator, so I understand the frustrations of horses who won’t load, won’t leave the yard or can’t even be tacked up!

I offer consultations, under veterinary referral, to owners who are experiencing behavioural problems with their horses and dogs.  I will discuss with you your animal’s history, management and the area you’re having problems with; after this I will explain to you why the problem is happening and what you can do to change it. Together we will agree a treatment plan that will help you and your horse or dog. I provide advice, coaching and follow-up support, and using my kind, effective methods you will achieve the improvements you seek in your companion animal’s behaviour.

I have a Masters degree with Distinction in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare, and a BSc (First Class honours) in Psychology.  I was only the third equine behaviourist to be registered at Clinical level by the Animal Behaviour and Training Council and I am also one of a handful of practitioners in the UK to be certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.  I am frequently called upon to give expert advice to PhD and vet students who are conducting equine research, and I provide expert witness opinion and reports in legal disputes. I offer training and riding coaching, and I provide supervision and mentoring for those who are starting their behaviour consultancy careers.

I also deliver national and international behaviour and training related lectures, seminars and workshops for individuals and groups; riders and non-riders.

I am committed to helping owners and professionals to achieve long term, positive behaviour changes and my methods and ethics reflect this.

Based in Cheshire, I cover the North of England, North Wales and Midlands, and outside these areas I can refer clients to a suitably qualified behaviourist in their area. Internationally I consult in Europe, Turkey and Jordan. Whatever your animal behaviour problem, if there’s anything your horse or dog is doing that you’re not happy with, I can help you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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