Specialising in horse and dog behaviour problems.

Online and socially-distanced in-person consultations available.

Whatever the behaviour problem you’re having, everything seems better after a nice cup of tea and a sit down, so book a call with me now to tell me all about it and find out how I can help you, using this link: https://calendly.com/debbiebusby/nice-cup-of-tea

Want to ask me about anything academic or your own behaviour practice? Borrow my brain! Whether you’re a student with an academic question or a practitioner with a case- or practice-related question, I’ll be happy to give you a dedicated hour of my time to talk through solutions, concepts or options.  Calls are £50/hour.  Follow this link which takes you through to payment and confirmation of our phone or Zoom call: https://calendly.com/debbiebusby/borrow_my_brain

Alternatively, you can email me at info@animalbehaviourclinics.com or send me a text message to 07748 369424.

Welcome to the website of Debbie Busby, registered certificated clinical animal behaviourist, international speaker and author. I offer advice and consultations on all aspects of equine and canine behaviour and training.

I am a qualified, certificated and registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist, uniquely placed to understand how to change animals’ behaviour for the better, and how to help you succeed with the methods I recommend. My aim is to help you and your horse or dog cope with 21st century living and to enable you to make long-term, positive behavioural changes in your animals.

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Complementing my role as an animal behaviourist, I am also an experienced rider, trainer and facilitator, so I understand the frustrations of horses who won’t load, won’t leave the yard or can’t even be tacked up!

I offer consultations, under veterinary referral*, to owners who are experiencing behavioural problems with their horses and dogs.  I will discuss with you your animal’s history, management and the area you’re having problems with; after this I will explain to you why the problem is happening and what you can do to change it.

Together we will agree a treatment plan that will help you and your horse or dog. I provide advice, coaching and follow-up support, and using my kind, effective methods you will achieve the improvements you seek in your companion animal’s behaviour.


*Veterinary referral means that your veterinary surgeon formally consents for me to consult with you. Potential clients are free to contact me directly, or your vet can get in touch in the first instance.

I have a Masters degree with Distinction in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare, and a BSc (First Class honours) in Psychology.  I was only the third equine behaviourist to be registered at the highest Clinical level by the Animal Behaviour and Training Council and I am also one of a handful of practitioners in the UK to be certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, as well as being a full member of the APBC, so you can usually claim my fees on your insurance.

FB_IMG_1574916752223I supervise animal behaviour MSc students and I am frequently called upon to give expert advice to PhD and vet students who are conducting equine research.

I provide expert witness opinion and reports in legal disputes, and I provide a mentoring service for practitioners who are starting their behaviour consultancy careers or seeking CCAB certification.

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I deliver national and international lectures, seminars and workshops on all aspects of equine behaviour and human behaviour change.  I write for Horse & Rider and Your Horse magazines  and I have published research and analysis articles on equine behaviour and human attitudes.

I have conducted original qualitative and quantitative research into equestrian sector attitudes and experiences and I have co-authored two books on equine behaviour and the natural history of the horse; ‘Equine Behaviour in Mind, Applying Behavioural Science to the Way We Keep, Work and Care for Horses’, 5M Publishing, was published in October 2018 and ‘The Horse, A Natural History’ came out in May 2019.

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I am committed to helping owners and professionals to achieve long term, positive behaviour changes and my methods and ethics reflect this.

Based in Cheshire, I cover the North of England, North Wales and Midlands for dogs, and the whole of the UK for equine cases. I also consult online via Skype, Zoom, email or phone and this is especially useful for serious aggression cases, my speciality.  Internationally I consult in Europe, Turkey and Jordan, and online worldwide.  

Whatever your animal behaviour problem, if there’s anything your horse or dog is doing that you’re not happy with, I can help you, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello – would you be able to help with dog barking?
    We have an unhappy neighbour and would love to find a solution.

    Kind regards

    • Hello Louise,

      Thanks for your enquiry. 

      I’m sorry to hear about the barking problems you’re having with your dog. I’ll be very happy to help you with that.

      The first thing to do is to have a chat with me on the phone so that I can tell you how I can help, and give you some advice right then, and you can decide if I am right for you.

      Please can you schedule a call at this link, and I will call you at your chosen time.


      Many thanks,


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