Separation anxiety in horses

Separation anxiety can be a huge problem for horse owners, and can really impact negatively on our enjoyment of riding and spending time with our horses. In this article, behaviourist Suzanne Rogers explains the causes and ways in which it can be managed. Don’t Throw Your Horse’s Friends Out with the Bath Water! byContinue reading “Separation anxiety in horses”

Changing human behaviour to improve animal wellbeing

So much of animal suffering is caused by what humans do. This important ground-breaking event is about changing human behaviour in order to improve the well-being of animals. If you are able to attend as a welfare or behaviour professional, or if you want to know how to encourage people to be nicer to animals,Continue reading “Changing human behaviour to improve animal wellbeing”

Miracles happen in Cairo

The link to this Facebook page shows the amazing work this team are doing with ill-treated horses in Cairo. The inspiration for the page, “Prince Fluffy Kareem” recently celebrated his anniversary, one year on from being rescued, close to death and covered in horrific harness lesions.  The photos on this page show the appalling conditionContinue reading “Miracles happen in Cairo”