A. F. Tschiffely, Long Rider

An email enquiry today had as its footnote a quote from long rider A F Tschiffely, and sent me right back to my childhood when I read this amazing book, Tschiffely’s Ride. Tschiffely rode two Criollo horses over 10,000 miles from Buenos Aires to Washington DC in 1925, arriving there in 1928 after many and varied adventures. The horses had been feral on the Pampas and had only recently been rounded up when Tschiffely procured them at ages 15 and 16. He called them Mancha (spotted) and Gato (cat). They turned their noses up at oats and alfalfa, preferring to eat coarse straw, and after they were done helping A.F.T. to complete what is hailed as the epic horse journey of all time they lived on to the fine ages of 32 and 37.

Later on Tschiffely wrote a second book about his ride, entitled The Tale of Two Horses, telling the story of the epic journey as seen through the eyes of Mancha y Gato. I read that as a child too – would love to revisit it now and see what I think this time round!


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