Horse Sense Workshop, Galway, Saturday 23rd August 2014

Originally posted on Clicker Happy Horse… Horse Sense with Helen Spence:
Do you think you have a nervous horse? Or a lazy horse? Perhaps your horse is difficult to catch? Or sharp and spooky? Do you have a horse that bites or kicks? Maybe your horse seems to you to be stubborn or ignorant? Does…

International Society for Equitation Science

Countdown to the next ISES Conference, in Denmark 7-9 August. ¬†The theme is equine stress, learning and training. ¬†Keynote speakers include Dr Sebastian McBride, world expert on stereotypies and abnormal equine behaviour, and Dr Andrew McLean of the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre, along with PhD researchers in biomedical science and behaviour and stress biology, andContinue reading “International Society for Equitation Science”