Horse Sense Workshop, Galway, Saturday 23rd August 2014

Great opportunity to learn a kinder way to train and manage your horse, with Dr Helen Spence. In beautiful Galway, 23rd August.

Clicker Happy Horse... Horse Sense with Helen Spence

Do you think you have a nervous horse?
Or a lazy horse?
Perhaps your horse is difficult to catch? Or sharp and spooky?
Do you have a horse that bites or kicks?
Maybe your horse seems to you to be stubborn or ignorant?
Does your horse barge and push at you?
Have people told you your horse needs to learn to respect you, or that you need to be ‘dominant’?

To better understand the evidence based answers to these questions and to learn more about what makes horses tick, why your horse behaves the way they do, and the most ethical, kind and effective way of training them, why don’t you sign up for this enjoyable and interesting one day workshop with Dr Helen Spence.

Helen will explain how lessons learned from the field of psychology can help us to improve our training skills, in combination with a practical ability…

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