The British Icelandic Horse Championships and Festival 2014

In which two viking horses visit the UK Icelandic Horse Festival, travelling together in their Stable on Wheels and giving each other company and a modicum of (shall we say grudging?) support as they sweep up those trophies!

Many Fleygur Fans will remember the dramas of last years show – broken down Stable of Wheels, arriving a day late, My Mare Gydja not allowed on the show ground…. and, well, basically I did not perform at my best. So the stakes for this years show were high. My Mate Roger had a lot to prove, and my ever growing fan base had high expectations. I wasn’t worried. All year everyone has been telling me how awesome I am, what was there to worry about?

This year, My Mare Gydja got to stay at home, as the baby Blondie was to have his first Championship experience. We set off, with my newly finished logo on the the Stable on Wheels, stopping to feed the Landy on the way.

The newly painted logo was sure to get me spotted The newly painted logo was sure to get me spotted

We arrived, without incident, and after settling in to our very…

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