Can you spot a stressed horse?

Last December I and my colleagues published a paper describing one of our research studies, in the peer-reviewed journal Animals.  As the Equine Behaviour and Training Association (EBTA) we investigated how horse owners, riders and trainers recognise signs of equine stress. We found that equestrians often fail to recognise the behavioural signs that horses displayContinue reading “Can you spot a stressed horse?”

Announcing two new horse training courses from Dr Helen Spence

Is this you? 🐴You want to train your horse in a kind, effective way. 🐴You have tried using “traditional” methods, natural horsemanship and/or clicker training but you and your horse have ended up confused and frustrated, sometimes just downright cross with each other! 🐴You have tried working with trainers who teach your chosen method andContinue reading “Announcing two new horse training courses from Dr Helen Spence”