What’s in it for the horse?

All those equestrian activities that are currently the subject of social licence conversations, how can we even begin to know our horse’s side of the story? Or that of the partnership between horse and rider?

As an equine behaviour and welfare consultant, I’m observing horses all the time, working out how they’re coping with what their human wants them to do, finding ways to give them better mental and emotional balance.

As a psychotherapist, I’m exploring the rich lifeworlds of individuals as they navigate their ways around their existential, emotional and experiential scripts.

As an academic in my PhD research, I’m looking for ways to combine these perspectives so that I can contribute to interspecies definitions and understandings of what A Good Life is for the partnership of horse and human.

I’m delighted that Yogi Sharp, the Equine Documentalist, has invited me to share my findings so far, half way in to my PhD, in his Winter Webinars series. Please join me on Sunday 5th March at 5pm UK time where I will share my findings and reflections on these important and fascinating themes.

Don’t forget to check out the other webinars in this series, and The Equine Documentalist’s other well-researched and interesting educational material.

Please share with your interested groups🙂

Click on the link below to book your place.


Published by animalbehaviourclinics

ABTC registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist (equine/canine), international author and speaker, expert witness, supervisor/mentor/lecturer

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