How do I become a registered equine behaviourist?

The pathway to becoming an equine behaviourist in the UK requires you to: In the UK the primary equine behaviourist role at present is clinical equine behaviourist where you would be registered by the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) as an ABTC-CAB (Clinical Animal Behaviourist), specialising in equines. What is the Animal Behaviour andContinue reading “How do I become a registered equine behaviourist?”

The Good Life

Social licence to operate.  Everyone’s talking about it.  Public approval to do the horse sports.  What is the public approving exactly?  Being nice to horses?  Recognising their sentience? Acknowledging their animal rights? What are their rights? How do people understand “sentience”? What difference does it make if an animal is sentient or not?  Emotions –Continue reading “The Good Life”