Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors

Animal Behaviour & Training Council

Equine Behaviour & Training Association

International Society for Equitation Science

Connection Training

Positive Horse Training Spain

Jordan Tracks Trail Rides

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour

The Equine Behaviour Forum

The Society for Companion Animal Studies

Learning About Animals


Animal Care in Egypt

Worldwide Veterinary Service

World Association for Transport Animal Welfare and Studies

3 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi Debbie
    I heard you on the radio in new Zealand.
    Wonderfully informative. Debbie I currently live in NZ do you know where I could do a course similar to what you teach. I am currently a vet student at Uni but your connection to animal behaviour is quite unique and so interesting. I would love to learn more.

    • Hi Christine, thanks so much for your kind comment. Sorry I’m late replying, I’m in Turkey with a weak internet. I’m going to look into this next week and get back to you, I’m sure there will be some good courses available either on campus or online (or a combination). Best wishes, Debbie

  2. Hi again Christine, So, for similar courses to the subjects that I studied, I would look for Applied or Clinical Animal Behaviour courses, online or campus-based, as these will cover the ethology, learning theory, behaviour modification and human-animal relationship aspects, together with other essential elements such as interactions between health and behaviour, including neuronal and endocrine correlates. Some post graduate courses include opportunities for field observations, welfare assessments and your own experimental research.
    I’ve had a look at what’s available in New Zealand and I would look further at the offerings from Massey University who do both general animal behaviour and equine behaviour courses (if equine is your interest – Massey offer Equine Behaviour, Training and Welfare). Some places might offer stand alone modules. On my MSc course there were several vets who had an interest in animal behaviour and wanted to further their CPD, this is also a pathway to becoming a veterinary behaviourist.
    University of Otago also offer an interesting looking Behavioural Ecology course, looks like you can do a BSc or MSc or individual modules there too.
    Unitec, where I lectured while I was in Auckland, have several animal behaviour offers, some companion animal and at least one canine-specific.
    Online, I would definitely look at Edinburgh University which offers several post-grad options – PGCert, PGDip and MSc. A few of my colleagues have done this course or are on it right now.
    For shorter courses I would look again at Edinburgh University’s online offers, including their Animal Behaviour and Welfare MOOC.
    Melbourne do an online animal behaviour course too, and Coursera have some good free short courses (or you pay if you want the certificate.
    I’d suggest also joining the International Association for Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC) who have an amazing selection of short courses.
    I hope that helps! Do stay in touch and let me know if I can help further or if you have any other questions.
    Best wishes,

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