Equine behaviour advice


A heads up that if you are on Facebook you are welcome to join the group, “Professional Equine Behaviour and Welfare Advice”.

This group is for horse people to ask questions about any aspect of equine behaviour and welfare. Your questions will be answered by a recognised equine professional. The aim is for the group to be a place where owners can get trusted and specialist advice from a small group of experienced advisers, without having to wade through hundreds of comments that may leave you feeling that your questions are still unanswered.

We provide balanced advice based on recent scientific research and many years’ experience of a variety of activities with horses. Our team of advisers includes experienced professional equine behaviourists, international animal welfare consultant, Applied Behaviour Analysis specialist, Horse Agility trainer, Centered Riding coach and BHS representatives.

We do not promote or endorse the use of aversive techniques, methods or equipment which cause the horse psychological distress or physical pain.

The advice we give is based on the information provided and is for guidance only; it cannot replace a full on-site behavioural or welfare consultation.

You can join the group to ask a question, or just lurk, learn and enjoy!